Web Survey Services

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answers most of the general questions about how we run our web surveys. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Can anyone take part in a survey?

It depends on the survey, but usually the answer is No. For a survey to be statistically meaningful, the sample also needs to be meaningful and representative. For example, if our client is a membership association asking questions about how well it has delivered its services, then it only wants responses from its members. Typically you can only complete a survey at Web Survey Services if you have first been invited to take part by the client responsible for the research.

Do I get paid for answering surveys?

Again, it depends on the survey, but the answer is usually No. There are a great many surveys on the web which offer incentives for completion such as a gift voucher, or entry into a prize draw, but those surveys typically ask you several hundred lifestyle questions with the sole intention of selling your details to bulk mail (junk mail) companies, telesales agencies and spammers. Furthermore, the promised gift rarely arrives. Web Survey Services only runs bona-fide research surveys. If the client wishes to offer an incentive for completing the survey then it must be a genuine and tangible offer which is delivered.

Is your survey really a promotional campaign?

No. We've seen plenty of surveys on web sites where, regardless of what you answer, it concludes with a recommendation that you need a certain product. That is not research, it is advertising. Web Survey Services only accepts clients conducting bona-fide research.

Is the survey a vehicle for advertising?

No. There are no adverts at all on this site, no text ads, no banner ads, no pop-up ads, no pop-under ads, and no Google Keyword advertising. This site is only for legitimate research projects and the cost of it is met by the fees we charge our clients for conducting the surveys.

Is the survey anonymous and confidential?

It is not anonymous but it is completely confidential. The client knows who you are and typically they will have invited you to take part. Sometimes, it is necessary to contact a respondent to ask them to clarify an answer they have given. Upon completion of the research, you may wish to receive a summary of the outcome. However, the client should not disclose your identity to any other party and the published results should not allow any individual participant to be identified unless it is made absolutely clear before you start that this will happen and that you can make an informed choice about whether or not to participate.

Can I withdraw from a survey?

Yes. You can withdraw at any time prior to the closing date of a survey and without giving any explanation. However, once the closure date has passed it is not possible to withdraw your information as it may already have been processed and the results published.

Does your site use cookies?

If you are completing a web survey then we do not use any cookies. If you are logging in as a client to manage your survey then we do set a session cookie to maintain your log in credentials.

Do I need to download any software?

No. Whether you are completing a survey or managing a survey, all the software you need runs on our server only. If you can read this FAQ page you already have all the software you need. Our pages do not use plug-ins, Java or Javascript.

Who runs Web Survey Services?

Web Survey Services is a part of Skill Zone Limited, an Internet services and website design company based in Cheshire. We provide Web Survey Services on behalf of our customers who are typically membership organisations, charities, and UK businesses. Each survey clearly states who it has been commissioned by.